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Let's Play!

To add to your Transcendent experience, we have added videos and FAQs. 

We have worked to create how-to-play videos, including how to set up the game and example player turns. 

The FRQ section covers everything from rules questions, to card interactions, to Kickstarter information. Don't see something you want to know more about? Just email us at

If you are interested in hearing more about the development and testing of the game, check out the Become Transcendent podcast on Spotify and many other popular podcasting stations.


Can't wait to play?

Use the links below to gain access to the Tabletop Simulator (TTS) mod and free to play Tabletopia mod to take Transcendent for a spin before it launches.


How to Play

Here is a copy of the rulebook as of January 2022. We are still looking into the most efficient way to write a rulebook that is easy to read to quickly get into the game. If you have any suggestions, shoot us an email at

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