Let's Play!

To add to your Transcendent experience, we have added videos and FAQs. 

We have worked to create how to play videos, including how to set up both versions of the game and example player turns. 

The FRQ section covers everything from rules questions, to card interactions, to Kickstarter information. Don't see something you want to know more about? Just email us at becometranscendent@gmail.com.

If you are interested in hearing more about the development and testing of the game, check out the Become Transcendent podcast on Spotify and many other popular podcasting stations.


Can't wait to play?

Use the links below to gain access to the Tabletop Simulator (TTS) mod and free to play Tabletopia mod to take Transcendent for a spin before it launches.


How to Play

Here is a copy of the rulebook as of January 2022. We are still looking into the most efficient way to write a rulebook that is easy to read to quickly get into the game. If you have any suggestions, shoot us an email at becometranscendent@gmail.com.

But wait! There's more!

Here is a list of other ways to play Transcendent. Let us know which is your favorite.

Chaos: In the Chaos Variant, whenever any player merges an Achievement, ALL players reset

their element values to 1 and clear their board of all permanents. This variant is not for the faint of heart and emphasizes the importance of being the first to obtain divine knowledge.

Divine: In the Divine Variant, one of the Rivals has already Transcended and it is up to a team of Rivals to take them down by completing a randomly selected five objectives as a team. One player will control the divine Rival, whose starter deck will consist of the ten standard starters as well as five sabotage cards. They will also begin the game with the Philosopher’s Stone in play on their side and are not able to complete any other Achievements.. The divine Rival wins if they are able to kill all the other Rivals or prevent them from completing their objectives. The team of Rivals will take their turns together and can share permanents and Achievements as in the Opposition variant.


Enlightened: In the Enlightened Variant, each player begins the game with a randomly selected Achievement already in play. This is a great way to experience a ”broken” version of the game.


Hoard: In the Hoard Variant, there are no objectives to complete. The game is set up in the

standard way, but the victor is the first player to merge a simple majority of a set of five available Achievements.


Opposition: In the Opposition Variant, two teams of two players will work together to complete both of their objectives. Each team will take their turns at the same time and share possession of all permanents. If a permanent would give an advantage, that advantage may be used by either player, but only by one of those players per turn. However, if a player merges an achievement, both team members gain the advantage of that achievement, as well as must both reset their boards.


Any effect that would sabotage a teammate negatively, such as all players discarding a card, can be ignored by the teammate of the player causing this effect.


Pioneer: In the Pioneer Variant, players race to become the first person to achieve the conditions of a single, shared objective. This variant is a really fun way to learn the basic interactions and mechanics of the game.


Truth: In the Truth Variant, players gain bonuses based on the number of alchemists and scientists in the game. On a given player’s turn, if they control an alchemist, then all other players whose character is an alchemist may perform the following during this turn, even though it is not their turn:


  • Add one (1) to any element.

  • Play an action.

  • Draw a card.


The same is true for scientist players as well, when it is a scientist’s turn. The idea is that alchemists and scientists share a certain kinship and mutually benefit the cause of alchemy or science.

Aficionado (Solo Mode): We are working on this one right now! It plays well, but there are still some interactions that we want to clear up. Check back soon!