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Can I stack the ability of the Acquirer cards to make things cost zero (free)?

Absolutely. The wording on the Acquirer card lends it to players being able to play multiple at a time in order to do just that. The same is true for the action effect of the Crucible card, though that may only be used on a once per turn basis.

Can my character die in Transcendent?

Unfortunately, if for any reason your character's AEther is reduced to zero, they are removed from the game and considered deceased. Greatness, at any cost.

Do we have to play Transcendent with the hidden objective feature?

Nope. One of our personal favorite variants is the Pioneer variant, where players compete to complete a single shared objective. It's a blast!

How do end of turn effects stack? For example, when do I get back a permanent stolen from me compared to the action ability of a Book?

Because both effects happen at the same time, we recommend resolving any effects that benefit players, such as drawing a card from a book, and then at the end returning any stolen permanents.

I have no idea how to complete my objective. How do I learn what to do?

At the end of the rulebook is a glossary which goes over the game specific definition of each term used within the game. This includes descriptions of how a player might accomplish those feats as well.

In Transcendent, what happens when my AEther is reduced to zero?

If a player's AEther is reduced to zero, they no longer have any lifeforce and are removed from the game.

Once I merge an Achievement, can it be stolen/destroyed by my opponent?

Nope. Once you have labored to create such a wonderful scientific marvel, it is yours for the rest of the game. Think of them as additional text added onto your character's already existing text. You can also think of them almost like emblems in Magic: The Gathering.

When can I play reactions?

Reactions are denoted by the ouroboros (snake eating its tail) symbol, and may be played during the Experiment Phase on an opponents turn. These plays happen immediately (no stack, MtG players), and can be played at any time. This means that they do NOT have to be played "in response" to a labor point being used, an action ability, or the play of any card from an opponent.

When should I play the Full version as opposed to the Lite version?

We recommend playing the Lite version the first 2-3 times you play the game. This will help your playgroup build a solid foundation of the rules and card interactions before you add the Leg Up, element, Advantage, and Sabotage cards for the Full version.

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